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Suddenly | Poem

I know I'm writing after quite a long time here, but I am really looking forward to knowing your opinions on this poem. If you are reading this, please comment and let me know through the comments section below. Panic gripped her heart She was immovable She didn't know what to do Where to go… Continue reading Suddenly | Poem

Ten Life Mistakes Author Sara Khan
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Ten Life Mistakes To Worry About

Life is a beautiful journey. It's true that you are designed to commit mistakes. On another hand, God has designed your mind to think and reflect on what you are doing now or did in past to get the best person you have within yourself. An architect designs beautiful houses, and then it's the job of… Continue reading Ten Life Mistakes To Worry About

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Mission WUNITT #Day10 | I Long for Your Approval – A Story

Day 10 - Mission Wake Up Now Is The Time You lose confidence in the process of seeking an approval. It's the biggest loss of them all. ~Sara Khan Day 10 is in continuation with Day nine's post on Why Do You Need An Approval. Though you can read them separately. "The red saree," Ana… Continue reading Mission WUNITT #Day10 | I Long for Your Approval – A Story


She ain’t so Pretty

She ain't so pretty Her eyes, the left and the right Differ from each other Taking away the looks The girls of her age In the neighborhood have She crosses the lanes With so much perseverance The boys aged fifteen Glares at her, with the language so mean She doesn't feel lost For she knows… Continue reading She ain’t so Pretty

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Solving the Puzzle | A Woman’s Handbag

She knows very well which pocket, which side and what all are the things she had kept in order. Even if you touch her bag slightly, she will get to know - only in the case if she is 'hiding' something!