Happy New Year Video by Author Sara Khan. Pic Credit: Nicolas Tissot | Pixabay.com
Life As It Is

Happy 2018

New Year is almost here! Let's make a resolution to be the best version of ourselves this 2018. New Year, New You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUQJEELGkkY

Happy and Writing by Sara Khan. Pic Credit: Pixabay.com
Life As It Is

Happy and Writing!

I couldn't think of a better title for this blog post. Writing is something I say is in my genes. The irony is none of the family members I know is into this creative field, not even any of the far-off relatives. I write to express myself; I write because I'm an introvert and know what… Continue reading Happy and Writing!

Life As It Is

It’s Your Faith that Makes You Stronger

There are so many articles, so many videos and audios on how to improve yourself throughout the web. Their teachings and the ways of different leaders who speak on self-helps may be different but they all say one thing, which I believe is very essential in liberating yourself. That one thing you should not stop… Continue reading It’s Your Faith that Makes You Stronger