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Simplify Your Life with Positivity. It’s Simple!

Simplify Your Life with Positivity. It's Simple! by Author Sara Khan

“How? Why? When? and Are you kidding… I cannot do this,” are some of the easiest escapes when it comes to doing something you had ever wanted. Lately, at several Instagram profiles, I came across, somewhere they all had mentioned negative people always find problems with every solution. And that’s very much true. I have come across many people in real life if you tell them this is the solution they will come up with one problem, and when you give the solution to it, they will tell you another problem… and the chain goes on until you leave them on their own.

Let’s take the example of Rama (name changed). When I spoke to Rama and encouraged her to come up with her own business, she gave me an excuse for monetary boundation. Since she had always wanted to do something in her life, I researched on the Internet for her and came up with a few ideas that involved less money. I offered her to support in a best possible way. But she came up with another excuse that it will be difficult. I could have convinced her only if she had given up that negative feeling of “I couldn’t do this.” That day, though, I had stopped convincing her yet I didn’t give up on encouraging her to start her own venture. It’s just small steps that you take matter. You need to gather that courage to begin.

The fear of failure stops you from doing whatever you want to achieve in your life. This fear is the biggest monster I must say. Face it and you will live your dream. You run from it and it will chase you!

Positivity is such a powerful tool that you have within yourself. All you need to do is… believe in you. Do not let the negative things or negative people surround you. Your one positive thought will keep you going. It won’t let you feel low even if your life is a mess! It’s just that… You need to Be Brave and do not stop from achieving your goal.



4 thoughts on “Simplify Your Life with Positivity. It’s Simple!”

  1. You r extremely right, at times you just need to push yourself towards positivity no matter how negative the conditions may seem.
    I hv written an article “The Devil’s Pass” its about a real life incident. I would be glad if u take some time and read and review it, and like if u really like it.

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