Life As It Is

Do NOT Hate Children. All they need is love and affection.

It’s Children’s Day in India, the November 14. I was going to do a copy paste job today while going to tweet about Children’s Day. I had this slogan by a famous personality copied too, but then I felt an obligation for sharing my opinion towards the children, the future of a country.

Children are the gift of God. I, like many of you, quite a several times, had heard the saying. They truly are. If you love children, you will find their smile a contagious one. It has an eternal power to uplift your spirits. I can keep on singing the love for children I have; they are the most precious ones.

Yet I fail to understand a few people’s behaviour towards children.

The first being a hatred. How can someone hate that innocence… How can someone question his/her counterpart why they have an affection towards kids? How can someone be such an ignorant? Why does anyone forget he or she was also once a child? Then why the hatred to the ones who would not want anything but love and care from the people around?

The second being, ignoring these young hearts and taking away their innocence. A small effort to give a break to yourselves from your smartphones, work, unnecessary fights is to give your sons and daughters the time your parents might have given to you. Do not ignore their talks about ‘what happened in school today’. This way you get to befriend your child and make him/her understand the complexity of outer world easily. They need you, understand this. They are the future of the country, it’s true. Only school education is just not the only thing given; you too need to give time to your kids to shape their future.


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