Separated Author Sara Khan


It’s noted that one in ten women across the globe suffers from post-marriage depression. The incidents and inability to recognize the patterns of relationship behavior with spouse lead either the husband or a wife first to separate emotionally, mentally and then physically.

Separated by Author Sara Khan
Separated by Author Sara Khan

Separation is a topic which no one wants to discuss in open in our society. While a couple goes through lots of turbulence in their relationship, the role of family members or friends, who act as “third person”, catalyses the process of separation; the society we live in makes the separation, which might lead to divorce, a taboo. The depth of the existent relationship and what a person is going through is ignored. There are numerous books on divorce and aftermaths, and how to cope with divorce, but the problems that lead to divorces is often disregarded.

The eBook Separated! by author Sara Khan is based on the conceptual talk and advice on how unresolved things could create a rift among couples. The ebook discusses what should and could be done to succeed in establishing a healthy relationship. Instead of accepting things ‘written in fate’, the author through the book helps the couple realize where their relationship is taking them – forward, backwards or nowhere.

The first step in any relationship is based on an effective communication. This ebook by Sara Khan emerges as a guide and also an instruction manual for couples. The background story gives a clear picture of what a lot of people go through in their relationships with their spouse. It is a step-by-step book that focuses on what to do at a particular point in time when the rift between couple increases just because of the lack of communication.

This book is written to help couples take stock of their relationship; as they finish reading the book the couples would be able to tell where their relationship is now and where it will be in the near future. It will enable them just as the title suggests knowing when and how to make a decision and stick to it.

One of the objectives of this book is to help a person know the point where he or she is in his/her relationship with her partner and what to do and how to do it. The author, through the book, advises making notes while reading it because they would be of help as a person makes his/her decision.

Sara Khan is an Indian writer. She holds a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and has been associated with online media since 2011. She began her writing career in early 2008. She loves to reflect and weave words while sipping coffee and share them in her blog posts. She enjoys sharing her observations on the different aspects of life through her writings.

In an effort to help and support the married women going through a lot of stress during separation and divorce process she wrote her first eBook, Separated!

Separated! by author Sara Khan is now available on Amazon Kindle; free for Kindle Unlimited readers. Subscribe to the mailing list now to get eBook of Quotes from Sara Khan’s Separated!

She gives you are very honest look into the reality of how some relationships are, and gives you wonderful advice on how to heal and move on This book hit me hard as I too have been in this situation before. She gives you are very honest look into the reality of how some relationships… Continue reading What Readers Say About Separated!

What Readers Say About Separated! Separated! by Sara Khan

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