Dancing Puppet, Poem by Author Sara Khan. Photo Credit Pixabay
Life As It Is, Poems

Reflecting on Two different Aspects of Dancing

Dancing, one of my favorite pass times, a hobby, a mood uplifter for me. I’m sharing two very different aspects of dancing, through the short poems below.

Dancing |When A Woman hurts a Woman

She thought everything will be fine

35 years and above, she artfully hid the truth

From the one who loved her the most

All her worries she left behind

She made the puppets dance

Thinking no one ever could find

What she had on her mind

She didn’t know that a world of lies she had woven

Will make her look like a sloven

She drafted the play, decided the characters to be

The future had something else which she did not foresee

She faced turbulence for a while

When a girl so adamant enter her world

To give her care and love

Yet she did not stop on the plan

Kept on making the puppets dance

It’s the misfortune that plays its part

For its proven the stories of torment do not last

A day will come when the play will end

And she will have no one to offend.

The Happy Soul

Laughing for no reasons involved

Cherishing small moments of her life

Smiling gracefully to greet the passersby

Dancing carelessly to show her mirth

A lady of such nature has a high worth



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