The ‘Laugh’ that Ripped Us Apart | A Poem

I was the rythm to your heart
You were the key to the art

You made me tremble

You made me strong

Yet you let the villains enter the dorm
The pain lies in the story that lies ahead

Stooping to dearth gave them pleasure

Our world ended, the treasure was gone

A dead silence between us was born

You stood mute while my soul was torn
I still remember how the dignity was lost

They laughed with mirth as the dead night’s ghost arose

You meant to protect me at any cost

Only I could hear a faint voice that once boast
They still cherish ripping us apart

Not knowing everyone has to depart

There is a belief that I know will be true

The reasons you had trusted them

The day will come when even your words won’t be with you.


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