Separated! Ebook by Sara Khan
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My First eBook is Out on Amazon. Click to Get the Link and Know More What it is About

It’s the time where I can say I’m now an eBook Author; as I say one step at a time. This is a small step towards guiding you on the path of self-growth and development.

Separation is a topic which no one wants to discuss in open in our society. While a couple goes through lots of turbulence in their relationship, role of family members or friends, who act as “third person”, catalyses the process of separation; the society we live in makes the separation, which might lead to divorce, a taboo. The depth of the existent relationship and what a person is going through is ignored. There are numerous books on divorce and aftermaths, and how to cope with divorce, but the problems that lead to divorces is often disregarded.

Separated! is based on the conceptual talk and advice on how unresolved things could create a rift among couples. The book discusses on what should and could be done to succeed in establishing a healthy relationship.

If you are stuck in the web of the relationship with your partner, grab this copy to know what to do and how to stick to your decision. My eBook Separated! is a Must Buy.

Click Here to Download from Amazon

Separated! Ebook by Sara Khan


14 thoughts on “My First eBook is Out on Amazon. Click to Get the Link and Know More What it is About”

      1. I would suggest you to start reading again. Depression is just a phase. It’s gone. I, too, have experienced that phase and that’s why I know how you would have felt, yet I suggest you work on yourselves, start giving time to what you would love and what you could do to live your life. “I used to” just add negativity, what’s gone is gone, all you need to do is focus on yourself and whatever you love and want yourself to be.



      2. I appreciate that your reply is meant to positive however with the greatest respect you do not know how I have felt. No one does, as I don’t know how you have felt. “what’s gone is gone” is a flippant remark as is “Depression is just a phase”. If this were true, suicide and mental illness would not be such a huge problem.
        Take care on your personal journey.


      1. Haha… The next work is already in process, and more intense, if it goes as I had envisioned. Well re-united is a great idea. I’ll brainstorm and look for the real-life examples just like I had mentioned in Separated!

        Thank you. Will wait for your feedback 🙂

        Stay blessed!

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