Wake Up, Now is the Time

Mission WUNITT #Day2 | The Challenge of Waking up Early

Day 2 – Mission Wake Up Now Is The Time

The Challenge of Waking up Early Inforgraphic

Today, I woke up at 4.04. am; first alarm was on snooze yet my sub-conscious kept on kicking my mind to get up. Another day, and I got up early; Day 2 of WUNITT (Wake Up Now Is The Time). Well, now, I see where is the challenge. It’s not getting up early but it’s finding an answer on what to eat 😀 . A cons that no one may mention, when you get up early, after sometime you are definitely going to feel hungry 😛 .

Yesterday was awesome, as I had plenty of time to get my things done, yet I didn’t felt lethargy the entire day. Only the thing was, I had to sleep early to wake up early today, i.e., at 10 pm. You shouldn’t sacrifice your sleep in order to get up early. So, here’s a brief on how I started my day.

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At 4.04 am, here’s how I started:

  1. Offered prayers
  2. Instagrammed 😀
  3. Writing this post, it took more than 15 min today
  4. Writing a Chapter for my next while having chai toast 😀
  5. Working out
  6. Start the rest of the Day

One step at a time to keep your interest going


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