Wake Up Now Is The Time
Wake Up, Now is the Time

Mission WUNITT #Day1

Day 1 – Mission Wake Up Now Is The Time

The best part of getting up today was, I woke up without an alarm! Yes, the power of subconscious mind. Today’s mission to get up early is accomplished. Last night, I had read a lot on how to get up early. To my astonishment, when I typed how to get up early in Google, it gave me so many options; the one that made me click was How to Get up early without an alarm. But, how did I do it, I’ll definitely share on completion of 10th Day of WUNITT (Wake Up Now Is The Time).

Follow my journey on Mission WUNITT –> Day 2

At 4.00 am, here’s how I started my day:

  1. Offered my prayers
  2. Writing this post, within 15 min maximum
  3. Instagrammed too 😀
  4. Working on my writing skills
  5. Working out
  6. Start the rest of the Day

One step at a time for an athletic mind and an effort to brush up my writings


6 thoughts on “Mission WUNITT #Day1”

    1. I can sense your excitement for the mission 😀 Well, it wasn’t easy for me either. I’m a no morning person. I had always preferred working up late than getting up in morning and taking my time out for the unfinished things. But believe me, the decision to get up early and sleep early, without compromising on my sleep, is worth. It helps me organise so many things I have been longing for. I’m still getting used to it 😀 Getting early really helps! Let me know if you too want to join me in the mission 🙂

      Have a great day!

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      1. It’s between 9.30 to 10 pm; the important thing when you are going to bed is – keep your phone away, howsoever you are addicted to it. If you keep it away and go without checking the messages, etc it will surely make you fall asleep soon.

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