Life As It Is, Poems

What’s Going in that Tiny Mind of Yours?

It’s been two months since she is carrying

A brigade of thoughts on her mind

So many answers she has to find

Does it worth the time?

A question she asks to herself

Her eyes look for an answer

While browsing though the bookshelf

The one she is searching for is lost in the middle somewhere

She flip the pages, one by one

Getting restless she thinks of giving another dry run

She walks through the shelves

The names that cross by aren’t meant to serve her imaginations

Once in despair, her eyes are now stuck with glare

Her hands reaches to grab the book

That reads how to launch yourself as a cook!

I cannot think of a better Title. Do you think the title us apt? If no, I’ll love to know your suggestions through the comments below 👇👇👇👇👇👇


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