Life As It Is

Focused or not, the loss is yours!

I’m focused on my career. I’m focused on my five-year plan from now. I’m focused on establishing my own company. I’m focused on my studies. I’m focused on earning money to buy a house.

Does any of this sound like you?

I am focused on ________ (a small exercise — fill in the blanks)

It is something you have been chasing for quite some time. Right? Have you ever realised that focusing on one thing makes you ignorant of the other things around, trivial or big?

Let’s say, right now you aim at buying a house after a year. That means your focus is earning money to fulfil the dream of buying a house. To achieve this goal of yours, you are working hard – day and night, working in shifts just to get that extra income. In this race, take a pause, a deep breath and think what are the other elements you have been ignoring. It could be anything, even you might be putting your relationship with spouse at stake. And then you say (an excuse) for whom I’m doing this? No… You are wrong. Houses can be built five years from now too. Yeah, I know the living cost is getting higher, but you can afford it right? What you cannot and should not afford is being negligent to other elements of your life, and that’s where the time management takes place.

Why I said “Focused or Not, the Loss is Yours” because if you focus on one thing, you neglect the other. Work towards your goals, focus on them but be observant towards the other elements that may or may not affect you. You might be too dedicated in achieving one thing, while you ignore the other, which is significant too. You will suffer a loss? Isn’t it?

Have you been too focused on something lately that you forgot you have other crucial things as well?


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