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It’s Your Faith that Makes You Stronger

There are so many articles, so many videos and audios on how to improve yourself throughout the web. Their teachings and the ways of different leaders who speak on self-helps may be different but they all say one thing, which I believe is very essential in liberating yourself.

That one thing you should not stop doing is: believing in the Mighty. If you are going through a tough phase, you know HE is right there with you. You very well know that HE is going to answer you. HE is the one who wil listen to all your prayers. HE is the one who has already decided what is good and what is bad for you. It’s just that you need to walk on the path that the Mighty has shown. You just need to pursue it.

If, you think, HE is not answering your prayers right now, may be HE has decided something good for you. May be HE wants to test you, your patience for endurance, your patience towards life.. maybe HE wants you to become mature enough, so that you solely become responsible in identifying the truths, the false, the rights and the wrongs.

Never stop believing in the Mighty for HE is the only one who knows what cometh the next. HE has decided the time for each and everything. Just like it takes time for you to reach to a certain age; what if you get beard at the age of two? What if you eat lunch, breakfast, dinner at one time? It sounds weird, right? How can a child have a beard at the age of two? How can you eat all the food at one time. There is time fixed for each. Right? And you work accordingly. You grow according to time; you develop a certain habit with time; you know which college you should go and study when you are 14 to 15 years old; you know what is your forte. All these things you developed with time. Right? Or if you can see it otherwise, all these things come to you as planned… As planned by HIM .. as planned according to the time.

So, whatever you are up to, whatever you want to achieve, whatever you are going through… Never ever stop believing in yourself; never ever stop believing in the Mighty. It is your faith towards HIM that keeps you focussed. It is your faith on HIM that makes you believe in the very existence. It is your faith that finds solutions to every problems. It is your faith that finds out various ways in achieving your goals. And it is your faith towards the Almighty that makes you stronger.


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