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A Struggle – Short Poem

A gush of wind

Messes her hairs

She struggles putting them back

Another gush of wind nears

To mess with her

She smiles mischievously

Looking up at the sky

She is ready this time

Let it come this way

I’m going to blow it away

I’m prepared this time

Thinks her mind!


In response to the Daily Prompt – Magnet


12 thoughts on “A Struggle – Short Poem”

    1. True. A preparation is needed for any kind of challenges in our life. The problem arises when you have to deal with an unknown and uninvited challenge. For that you cannot prepare but stand tall and firm, and this for me is an idea of true winner. It’s not necessary you succeed or lose the battle, it’s important how you deal with it.

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      1. At every point time, I’m not saying we should be expecting challenge, we should be fully prepare for any challenge, when it shows up, it is to elevate us. But if it meets us unprepared, that is when it becomes a burden.

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      2. The sentence that sums up “Life is full of Surprises and Challenges” is true, I believe in it. Our unpreparedness for any challenge shows how we can deal with it. Calling it a burden is something negative instead I would say it’s the test from the Universe, The Almighty.

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